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Detailing a car is far more than just washing and vacuuming. Our skilled team at Detail Garage thoroughly cleans dirt and dust from every possible nook and cranny. We perform specialized treatments on leather, plastic, and various other materials found throughout the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Your car will appear as good as new after our team finishes!

Our Services

Exterior Car Detailing
Interior Car Detailing
Engine Detailing
Paint Correction
Ceramic Coating

And More!

DG Pickering

📍 1652 Bayly St, Unit B

📲  647-347-9773

DG Mississauga

📍 5150 Dixie Road, Unit 12 

📲  647-347-9775

DG Kitchener

📍 1215 Victoria St. N

📲  519-208-9638

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